Yahoo Fantasy Football

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Yahoo has the # 1 fantasy football app and these spots let you know it by screaming it at your face! I had the pleasure of working at Hey Beautiful Jerk where we created three over the top, action packed spots that featured H. Jon Benjamin (the voice talent of Archer) as the narrator. His voice added an extra level of humor to these spots I was so happy about.

My focus was on tracking all the 3D emoji heads onto live action footage of football players using Cinema4D's excellent 2D/3D tracker. I then used the speed of OctaneRender to apply lighting from a panorama shot on set that gave me a map of exactly where to place lights and what brightness and color to make them. If there was a purple gobo light on the right side of the actors face, I was able to place a purple Octane light in that exact location making lighting fast and efficient. It's fun to experiment with Octane for personal use but even more exciting to utilize it's speed and ease of visualization to make a real-world project move along quickly. 

In addition to the emoji heads, I also worked on several set and background pieces including a neon stadium, black light garbage truck, and a futuristic city interior/exterior. These were fun modeling challenges that I sometimes jumped into the middle of or created from scratch. I had such a good time working on these spots - total blast of a project! 


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