Weapons of natural selection

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This was a pet project of mine. I had the honor of being able to show it in a small animation showcase in 2012 that my friends were putting on at the Glasslands in Brooklyn. The idea for this piece came from my Pennsylvania roots vs. the very different opinions that people have about the natural world in NYC. There's a lot of "animal rights" mentality in this city but no knowledge of just how brutal nature itself can be. I decided to mix some urban styling in with the natural world and this project is what came of it. I felt that playing with what would happen in nature if animals possessed weapon-like anatomy and how this could turn the tide of the food chain created a great playground for design, animation, and my imagination.

I used Maya for the 3D elements and After Effects for composting everything together. The music and sound FX are from my talented friend Aaron Rutledge. He gave me access to his vast library of musical magic he's created over the years. I grabbed a couple pieces I felt were right and cut them together to finish off the piece. The whole process was a labor of love and a great learning experience.


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