Undrafted // NFL NETWORK

// PITCH // CONCEPT // DESIGN // Direction // 3D // COMPOSITING


The NFL Network came to us to concept a new promo look for the second season of the show Undrafted. The show follows several athletes who are trying to get into the NFL and their journey along the way. They eat, sleep, and breathe football but have families they have to support along the way. It's shot in a more grass roots style but with some exceptional cinematography.

For my design I decided to create a an abstract football field and stand it up vertically. I wanted the field to become a metaphorical ladder that the NFL hopefuls featured in the show are climbing their way up. Along the way we reveal testimonials of each athlete about how they are working toward the ultimate goal of a seat on an NFL team. This goal is represented visually by the endzone at the top of the ladder in the final scene. The ladder is made of rough steel and etudes the grittiness of the show. Spotlights surround the field representing the spotlight that is always on these athletes.