Samsung Time Square

Samsung Time Square Screen // Samsung

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A comp to show how the design would have looked on the Samsung Time Square screen.A comp to show how the design would have looked on the Samsung Time Square screen.


Samsung invited us to pitch for their annual Time Square screen update. This was an awesome opportunity. They had very loose guidelines that we create 4 character driven worlds set in the air, land, sea, and an urban environment. And of course the characters had to lead the viewer to various Samsung products somehow.

In addition to the characters I created I decided to create a wispy line mechanic that would whip and spin through the various worlds. These lines would trail various animals in each environment and would burst into new ones along the way. In the water environment the lines would burst into schools of fish. In the air world, the lines would open an release flocks of birds. And in the urban environment, the lines trailed behind skateboards, taxis and bikes leaving the city skyline in it's wake. At the end of each animation the lines would create a samsung product in a bright white flash. The colors of each environment were bright so as to catch viewers attention below. There was a slight background pattern that matched a pattern featured on Samsung's phone ads. My idea wasn't picked but I'm happy with the design. It was a nice challenge to design for a ratio that wasn't the typical 1920x1080 HD.