Nat Geo Sonic

Sonic Sunday Drive // National Geographic Channel

// PITCH // CONCEPT // DESIGN // Storyboarding // 3D // COMPOSITING


This was a pitch for a Sonic sponsored spot that would have played on the National Geographic Channel. Nat Geo came to use for help with what the co sponsored spot would look like. 

A family of National Geographic logos are in the mood for a shake. They pile into the car and take a Sunday drive on a bright yellow road that leads to their local Sonic. On the way they are bombarded with billboards featuring the many flavors that await them. At times, an environment fitting key flavors would be seen. A beach scene sits at the base of the Vanilla billboard, while the Chocolate Jalapeño billboard would feature a desert with a chocolate fountain oasis and dancing Jalapeño peppers. The mood of the spot is light and happy.


// Process