MTV / M&M Caramel

MTV Movie & Tv Awards // M&M Caramel Launch

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M&M came to us to help launch their new flavor of M&M's - Caramel! What an honor it was to be a part of this launch. To top it off, the announcement spots aired during the MTV Movie & TV Awards. This immediately lead us to movie genres as our overarching theme. M&M'S became our actors and we set to work figuring out fun ways to reveal caramel as our lead roll. I was responsible for overseeing the entire look and feel for the spots but also had the pleasure of fully creating the "Rom-Com" spot seen first in the video above.


// Process

Style frames for the final spots

Style frames for an initial direction I designed that was more character focused. The client ultimately did not go for it but these felt worth sharing.


// Work FeaturED

AdWeek posted an article about this campaign. Full page link here.