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Movado TC

Movado Thin Classic Mens Watch // Movado // TAG

// Awarded // CONCEPT // DESIGN // ANIMATION // Compositing


This spot showcases the Men's Movado Thin Classic watch. This watch was an unbelievable 40mm thin and features all the classic beauty of a Movado watch. Light, and the way it rolled around the stainless steel casing and sapphire crystal glass, accentuates the thinness. I began playing around with the idea of the signature Movado dot at the top of the watch lining up with a full moon over a city. When light ran across that concave dot, it created something that looked like the phases of the moon.

All the 3D moves and poses were established in Maya and then light movement, flares, environments, and depth of field were added. This spot was an excellent exercise in collaboration and walking the fine line of 3D and photographic.


// Process

Studies I created to establish the look and feel of the lighting and mood of the spot.