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 // AWARDED // concept // design // Direction // 3d // modeling // compositing


L'Oreal Paris approached us to create an opener for one of many cosmetic showcases happening in Paris at an annual event. The L'Oreal showcase event took place in a mansion in Paris and played on 6 large screens designed by a set designer to etude the feeling of opening a magazine. The two large screens in the center of the stage were roughly 24x12ft. On either side next to those screens were two large folded screens that were roughly 20ft wide total. Then on either walls perpendicular to the set up were two more side screens that were 13ft wide. Overall the screens enveloped the audience putting them in the middle of the action as if they entered a magazine page and it began animating.

I worked closely with a very talented editor who provided timing and music, as well as a wide knowledge of all the footage available to us from L'Oreal. As he provided rough edits I would translate them into After effects from Final Cut. I then designed and animated transitions throughout to bring the piece to life and to create cohesion. I used a combination of CG and 3d layers in After Effects for the opening rings that flowed nicely into the L'Oreal circular logo. The piece is fast paced at times and smooth and lovely at others. We tried to show off the lifestyle of L'Oreal as opposed to just the products. Those we saved for the end to create a climatic build up to the final logos. This piece's success hinged greatly on the close back and forth between Editor and AD/Animator. The end result is an action packed homage to all things L'Oreal.


 // Process

Floor plan of the venue the opener played in. The audience was surrounded by the screens. The floor plans helped us know what screens would be the most viewed and where to focus the action.


This 3D rendering gave us a better idea of how the stage and screens would be shaped.


These were a series of test frames created with the screen layout in mind. This was a process of elimination as much as an exploration. We had to see what footage worked well together.