KIND Explosion // FACEBOOK

// AWARDED // CONCEPT // DESIGN // Direction // 3D // Compositing

// Description

The Creative team at Facebook needed a series of animations for KIND Bar to be featured on Facebook and Instagram. KIND prides itself on it's natural, fully intact ingredients. There are whole almonds, cashews, chia seeds, and more packed into every bar. We came up with the idea that these ingredients should explode out at the viewer so we could zoom in and see every bit in all of it's glory. We fired ingredients out of a pressurized tube and captured the resulting explosion at 1000 frames/second. The result was these 3 fun spots which got thousands of views and likes while driving up KIND bar sales.


// Process

Style Frames

I experimented with sculpting the KIND Bar wrapper and using Morph shapes in Cinema 4D to create a believable animation that I would have full control of. We ended up using pieces of the this 3D wrapper deformation and time warping it in After Effects.