Iced Coffee // Cold Energy Drink Campaign

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// Description

These boards were for a pitch for an iced, coffee based energy drink that didn't end up making it to the market, thereby haulting the pitch. The idea was that this ice sculpture contained within the invisible shape of the energy drink would have coffee poured onto it in slow motion. As it poured the shape of the bottle and packaging would be revealed until the entire ice sculpture was enveloped by coffee. The packaging would then swoosh around all of that revealing the drink's branding and tagline. 

Though the concept is technically half baked, I felt the ice renders came out well and were worth showing. I used MoGraph in Cinema 4D to drop all of the ice cubes into the shape of the container creating the sculpture. Octane made short work of casting realistic caustics throughout the ice and a few well placed smoke elements added atmosphere in each scene. X-Particle 4's improved liquid sims or Realflow would have been utilized to create the coffee pour if the project had continued. Live action shots of coffee being poured onto ice were also an option in discussion. 



It was important to me that I start with a library of at least 5 or 6 types of ice cubes to help create variation in the sculpture's building blocks. Adding details like air bubbles and tiny striations via textures that were pulled from various reference imagery of ice gave me the the variation and detail I was looking for. The ground surface was another important piece which came from sourcing several images of glacier surface details.