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The FYI Channel invited us to take a look at their new brand and evolve it for several 5 second interstitials. This would air between programs and help reinforce the brand look. We had free reign to try whatever we wanted. There were 5 distinct brand looks for the 5 categories of TV shows on the FYI Channel - Home Improvement, Relationships, Travel, Cooking, and Fashion. As this was a pitch I chose 3 of the 5 to focus on - Home Improvement, Fashion, and Travel.

Using these categories, I came up with the idea to create a scattered collage of objects relating to each genre. The camera would start at a 3/4 view and the scene would look like a chaotic mess. As the camera panned around the scene to a straight on view the objects would align to form the FYI logo. Although the scenes were represented as 3D renderings and Photoshop comps here, if the client went for the idea, we would have actually manufactured these scenes with real world objects and shot this all in camera.