Pool v2.0

pOOL v2.0

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// Description

I LOVE pool. I wanted to take something as classic and steadfast as the game of pool and theorize about what it may look like 20 years from now. This idea had been stirring around in my head for a while and I finally decided to bring it into fruition. There's already some very real experiments with projection technology and pool tables. I wanted to inspire someone with the brain power to make AR pool a reality by creating a visual that represents how slick the pool technology of the future could look. I also wanted to experiment with Cinema 4D's new Reflectance Channel. It allows you to layer up base coats, scratches, top coats, and dust using a BDRF render algorithm like Vray for more realistic results. This passion project allowed me to create something without client constraint that was near and dear to my heart. My next step is to have one of these bad boys actually made, but that's a project for another day.


// Process

This was essentially an industrial design practice and I knew I needed a solid sketch of what a futuristic pool ball and table might look like so I wasn't spinning my wheels in 3D. After a few iterations this was the sketch that finally clicked. I abandoned the 90° pool table idea in the name of simplicity, but I kept the table mesh idea which made it in to the final renders.

Detail study renders of each ball before they went into final comping.