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The Creative team at Facebook in the Ad division asked us to design and animate 5 quick-hitting, weekly animations for Absolut's new light up bottle. This bottle features 4 oscillating LEDs in the base that cast beautiful caustics all around it. On the shelf in the night club it really stands out against it's competitors. We were to play up these lights and mix visuals and audio in a 12 - 15 second spot which was posted to Absolut's Facebook page and Instagram each Friday night.

Because of the lighting effects we wanted to achieve, it made the most sense to recreate this bottle in 3D. It was modeled in such meticulous detail that we could then cast 3d lights through at the same position on the real bottle, turn on caustics in C4D, and get identical real world results. This project was fast and furious but a total blast and total success. Likes and shares for each video reached the millions!


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The Absolut Spark campaign was featured on Facebook's Success Stories in the advertising section. Full page link here.