Absolut Coachella

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All Flavors


Citron Sunshine Lemonade

// Description

When Absolut comes to you to create animations for their tent at Coachella, you go all out! We were so excited by this opportunity. We modeled fruit and played with 3D water. We spun bottles every which way and we got colorful and bold with our palettes looking to match the vibrancy of Coachella. This project was as much fun as it looks. 

These videos played on jumbo screens at the Absolut tent and were meant to entice attendees out of the crowd. The All Flavors spot featured all of the flavors and ended on a heroic shot of Absolut's offerings. Then, each flavor had a special associated cocktail available at the tent and a video featuring that flavor and cocktail. My focus was on the above spots.


// Process

Original style frames for the pitch. Client chose the the water world with bokeh effects you see above, however, much of the 3D fruit created for the pitch was used in the final spots. In this look, the ingredients of each cocktail that was featured would have been the heroes and create a build up to the final product shot. 


Style frames for the All Flavors spot


Style frames for the Citron Sunshine Lemonade spot


Style frames for a Final Hero spot with all the bottles repeating in greater numbers